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Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming to my show.  The night is young, and the show, has just begun.


This all started in 2012 with a little bit of CUNTY MADONNA SHADE...as does everything in my life.  I have

been a fan for 30+ years and I have seen every tour since the Virgin Tour.  When she announced tour dates

for the MDNA show, I noticed that the Stade DeFrance date in Paris was on my birthday, which also 

happens to be Bastille Day, the French July 4th.  I had always wanted to go to Paris for this joint holiday and

now that Madonna was there, it was a trifecta that couldn't be missed.


I decided that I was going to silkscreen my own shirts for the shows and I set about jotting down phrases

that I thought would make me stand out, in hopes of getting in the Golden Circle.  I ended up with 2 I liked:  

"NOT A MONSTER" and "CUNTY MADONNA SHADE".  I had screens made, I bought ink, blank shirts and I

set out to make my Madonna tees.  


I wore my "NOT A MONSTER" tee in Paris.  I had VIP seats and when I got to my designated area I was

mortified to find that I was up off the floor in box seats.  The area was very lovely and the seats were fine, but

I was so far away!  I spent a lot of my time begging to simply be let onto the floor but, I was denied.  

The next day, I followed the tour to Hyde Park in London.  This time I had a VIP ticket for the front section of

the field, but not in the coveted Golden Circle.  When the warm up DJ, Martin Solveig, started playing, I

noticed that the jumbotron video screens had turned on.  As everyone rushed forward towards the stage, I

was left with a lot of space around me to dance.  I immediately started scouting for where the cameramen

were.  I turned my back to the stage and started dancing when suddenly, 50,000+ erupted in cheers.  I

turned back around to see that I was dancing on the video screens.  After the show, there were a lot of

people wanting to take pictures with me and several asked where they could buy a shirt.  I gave out my

email address and said that I would make shirts for anyone who emailed me.  


Then the tweets started.


: One question from last night is, who was the guy with Cunty Madonna Shade T-shirt?

 Did anyone in the Golden Circle actually see that guy with the t-shirt

that said'Cunty Madonna Shade'? Everyone loved him!! xD

 Forgot that at Madge yesterday a guy in the audience had a t-shirt on that

said 'cunty madonna shade' lmao.

 I'VE JUST REMEMBERED the bloke at Hyde Park who had the 'Cunty Madonna

Shade' t-shirt on!  I ADORE HIM.

 “cunty madonna shade” fucking AMAZING

 Cunty Madonna Shade man has MC Hammer pants on. I LOVE him.

SocialDystopia Oh and the guy in the Cunty Madonna Shade T-Shirt and Wellies dancing away was

amazing.  The crowd camera flashed to him so many times.

TheCinematic @TheCinematic Just saw a dude on my block wearing a shirt that read, "CUNTY MADONNA

SHADE". Twitterverse...what is the meaning of this?!

 Hey here's a throw back question from Hyde Park, Who remembers
the guy with "CUNTY MADONNA SHADE" written on his shirt?
  RT @aimeeMLVC: "Cunty Madonna Shade" dude at Hyde Park. lolololol.

  I don't know who he is, but he is my fave.



Kylie Minogue blew me a kiss and pointed at me from the sound booth while mouthing, "I love your shirt!"  I

imagined Guy Oseary emerging from a cloud of smoke and handing me Golden Circle tickets, but that never

happened.  3 countries and 9 shows later, I never got in the Golden Circle.


I didn't really know what a tweet was at the time, but when I got back to the US and saw all the photos and

comments about me online, I decided to try and sell the shirts.  But I only had 2 designs, not really enough to

start a business with, so I set about jotting down funny words or phrases that I heard in my everyday life.  

After 2 years and a lot of samples, changes, websites and design challenges, I finally have my site up and



My goal now, is to get one of my shirts on Madonna.  She has been an inspiration to me and I wouldn't be

the successful video editor I am today if I hadn't studied every second of her videos repeatedly over the

years.  I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma and I dreamed of one day making it to the big city to make

a name for myself.  Madonna was my example of how to do that.  I studied dance for many years and

thought I was going to be a dancer, but in film school I discovered editing, which is essentially dancing with

your hands.  Today, it ain't no big deal to say, I love her still.


Thank you for shopping with me.  I hope you all enjoy your shirts and I encourage you to cut them up,

bedazzle them, and customize your CUNT[EES] anyway you can.  Then take a photo and send it to me

so I can add you to our instagram page!


Everybody is a star, you know who you are, this is your chance to shine!



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